Celebrity Nipple

Celebrity Nipple

Celebrity nipple slips, more popularly known as wardrobe malfunctions, are they really accidents or are they done on purpose for attention?

The paparazzi are out there in full force and always looking for these so-called celebrity nipple slips. Surely these pictures must be worth a few bucks. The rarer a nipple slip is by any particular celebrity, the more money it should be worth.

You won’t see these pictures on television or in mainstream magazines, but there are pictures of this so-called celebrity nipple slips all over the internet.

Celebrity Nipple

Some celebrities seem to have quite a bit of picture of these nipple slips out there. These certain celebrities are more than likely not having accidents at all, but are probably doing it on purpose. You would think if these were really accidents and they were embarrassed by it, they would have taken precautions to prevent it from happening again, especially knowing that they are not wearing bras.(Also Read-Celebrity Nip Slip Funny Pictures)

Some of these celebrities could be starving for attention, and any attention at all seems to satisfy their needs. Then there’s the publicity aspect of it all, as far as celebrities go, any publicity at all seems to help further their careers, especially exposing their breast when the paparazzi are around.

Now, there are celebrities out there with only one or two pictures of these celebrity nipple slips, these are easily believed to be genuine accidents. It has happened to them once or twice and they’ve taken the necessary precautions to prevent it from happening again.

Whatever the case may be, we seem to enjoy these wardrobe malfunctions, whether they are done on purpose or by accident. They are very popular on the internet.

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