While many jetsetters book up rooms at luxury hotels and splurge on deluxe suites, staying at a five-star hotel may have an underlining incentive. Many luxury travelers are heading to diamond resorts and five-star hotels as part of a philanthropic effort, a chance to book up rooms at premiere destinations around the globe and have the procedures donated to select charities and nonprofit organizations. These types of programs are on the rise as more people look for ways to give back to their local communities and participate in donation efforts with national organizations.

Many travelers now turn to charity auctions to bid on travel packages, event tickets and other items for a grand vacation, giving them a chance to pay for not only the package at hand, but also to donate a portion of the cost to a needy organization . Websites such as CharityFolks.com allows many people to participate in these types of auctions, helping to raise funds for several noteworthy organizations and allowing travelers to bid on several attractive, even luxury travel packages. Charities and nonprofit organizations can take advantage of this rising trend by partnering with local hoteliers and travel agents who may offer discounted packages or even donate free travel packages that can then be used for an auction.

In addition to finding travel packages where proceeds are donated to an organization, some of the packages and trips are designed purely for philanthropic efforts. Travelers may have the chance to stay at a five-star hotel that is hosting a charity benefit or concert, or even head out on an adventure excursion that involuntarily volunteering some time for grassroots campaigns. All-inclusive travel packages allow travelers to explore new territory, meet new people and learn about a new cause. Whatever the cause may be, visitors can embark on a glamorous journey – without the guilt.

Source by Rajarshi Chakraborty