There are so many skin care products that we have available to us that it is a wonder that anyone has any complaints about their appearance at all. The products that are broadly thought of as the best on the market should have taken care of everyone’s problems by now, and we bought to be walking around in a utopia of beautiful people.

Unfortunately, the skin care products that we have been exposed to have not lived up to the promises that the cosmetics companies have made about them. I have found very few people that I know who are satisfied with what these products have done for them, and some of these individuals are downright disappointed in the results that they have gotten.

It turns out that most of the formulas that have been advertised as the best skin care products do not contain ingredients that would even allow them to come remotely close to claiming such a title. Instead of using the healthy, natural ingredients that you need in order to heal your skin what they are giving you is little more than a collection of chemical agents to use on your skin.

It should be obvious to you why you should not be putting skin care products primarily consisting of chemicals onto your skin, but if you do not exactly understand why you should not do it then I will explain. When you allow something to absorb into your skin it is the same as if you ate or drank it. Whatever ingredients the formula contains will soon end up in your bloodstream, where they circulate through all of the tissue in your body.

Many of the chemicals that are commonly used in skin care products have been found to cause such maladies as cancer, nerve damage, and organ toxicity. Most of those that have been touted as the best skin care products contain these toxins, and these products have to be avoided if you wish to maintain your health. So, where do you turn for a safe answer to your cosmetics needs?

Unlike the major cosmetics companies there are institutions that believe in the use of all natural ingredients in skin care products. These companies will provide you with products which contain ingredients such as plant based oils and waxes, pure proteins, and a collection of enzymes and extracts designed to heal your skin. These are the products that you should depend on.

One of the best skin care products available will provide you with two natural ingredients that will turn back the hands of time. Through Functional Keratin and Phytessence Wakame the three major structural tissues in your skin can return to respectable levels, which will stave off the development of lines and wrinkle on your skin or erase the ones that you currently have.

These skin care products restore your collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. What this does is restore your youthful appearance, and the best part is that these products do this without putting your health at risk in any way. These are the products that you need to be using on your skin.

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Source by Pam Wollgast